Solutions for every stage of hair loss

No matter where you are with your hair loss, there is something you can do. Gro are the only hair loss clinic in Australia to offer solutions for every stage of hair loss in-house. This ensures every solution is of the highest standard at an affordable investment for you.

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Gro online clinic helps you access proven prescription hair loss medication to treat hair loss by connecting you to a specialist hair loss doctor online and a registered compounding pharmacy.

All it takes is a 5-minute online medical survey and a free 10-minute online doctor’s appointment.

No contracts, no fuss. Starting from $1.50/day.

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Gro Everyday hair loss products

In the quest to provide you with every solution in the battle against hair loss, Gro also offer a specially designed hair loss supplement to ensure your body has sufficient nutrients to get the best hair growth you can. 

Gro also has a range of hair care products so your shampoo or conditioner or hair wax is not hurting your chance of growing the most hair you can. Gro everyday products are specifically designed so your scalp and follicles are given the best chance possible.

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Gro Microsurgery hair transplant

Gro offer the most minimally invasive and refined micro FUE hair transplant in Australia. With no scalpel, no pain, no stitches and no scarring, you will be back to work faster with Gro micro FUE hair transplant.

3 Keys to the most refined hair transplant:

  • Only by doctors - Many people don’t realise that a hair transplant in most clinics is not done 100% by doctors. Instead, a technician or nurse or robot can do part of the hair transplant procedure. At Gro all micro FUE hair transplants are done 100% by a Gro certified doctor.
  • Natural results guaranteed - At Gro we understand that having a hair transplant is a big decision, with life-changing results. That's why Gro guarantee your results will look natural.
  • Most refined technique - Gro microsurgery or micro FUE hair transplant gives the Gro hair transplant surgeon full control over the placement of each follicle in terms of angle, direction, and depth so your hair will look completely natural.
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