After Gareth's first day of his procedure

Gareth's Giga session was done over two days. The video below is after 1 of 2 days. 

1st key to the most refined hair transplant:
Only by doctors

Many people don’t realise that most hair transplant procedures in Australia are not done by doctors. Doctors are the brand of many clinics but they don’t actually do the job. Gro is the only company in Australia that has a policy that all procedures are done from start to finish by Certified Doctors, not technicians. Every hair is taken out by a doctor and every one of them is implanted back by a doctor. This way you can rest assured you are in the best and safest hands for this life-changing procedure.

1 day after Gareth's procedure

Gareth is back home, he flew the day after his procedure, listen now to how he is feeling.



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2nd key to the most refined hair transplant:
The most refined technique

Every hair transplant procedure, regardless of technique, yields permanent results. Good or bad. Results are permanent and even irreversible. Gro Micro FUE hair transplant technique gives our Certified Surgeons full control over the placement of the hair follicles in terms of angles, direction, and depth. This way we can follow the natural way your hair grows and implant new hairs accordingly for a result that grows naturally and most importantly doesn’t look like a hair transplant.


3 days after Gareth's procedure

Ever wondered what it would be like three days after your procedure? Watch Gareth's video three days post his session to find out how he is feeling.

3rd key to the most Refined hair transplant:
Natural results guarantee
At Gro we understand that having a hair transplant is big, many times life-changing, decision. You want a natural look. Therefore, we guarantee natural results. We promise no one will be able to detect you've had a hair transplant unless you tell them so. If so we will fix it for free. You can feel safe and secure this will work for you.

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7 day's after Gareth's procedure

Find out what his friends and family think now that he is back to normal life and loving his new hair.


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6 month's after Gareth's Gro Session

At the six month mark, Gareth will not see the full result of his hair transplant for another 6 months, is he happy with how it looks the video to find out!


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*Time-frames of results vary - speak to one of our Hair Growth Specialists for more details.