At Gro, we believe in transparency, the quality of our services and products, as well as the results they produce. Our Gro Diaries are the perfect way to showcase this. Real people, real journeys, real stories and real results.

Unlike other providers, we don't wait until the full results have come in to show before-and-after images. There is real value in seeing the full hair transplant journey, in real time, from pre-procedure to the full 12+ month results. A hair transplant is a big decision and you deserve to see what happens every step of the way.

The Gro Diaries give an insight into what happens at each stage of the hair transplant journey. Whether you're at the very beginning of your research into hair transplants and still deciding if it's for you, or you've already had your hair transplant and would like a reference point for each stage.

Check out some of the journeys and stories of our amazing Gro Diary clients below - ranging from some who now have their full results to those who are still going through their journey, at all different stages. Alternatively, go to Instagram and search 'gro.diary.'.

Mat Rogers

The former Aussie dual-international rugby player started his Gro journey in November 2020 to restore his hairline. See his updates here or follow his Gro Diary on Instagram @gro.diary.matrogers


Marc’s is one of the OG Gro Diaries, and it proved to be a hit with our followers. His full results speak for themselves and we're delighted that Marc continues to be an ambassador for us. See his updates here or follow @gro.diary.marc.


Nathan started his journey with Gro back in 2020. He wanted to correct his early-stage hair loss before it became a bigger problem, especially considering his line of work as a hairdresser. See his updates here or follow @gro.diary.nathan.


As a person who spends a lot of his time outdoors and in the water, Luke became conscious of his receding hairline and came to Gro to restore it. See his updates here or follow @gro.diary.luke.


As a YouTuber in his own right, Jacob was fed up seeing his receding hairline on camera every time he created new content. That's when he came to see Gro. See his updates here or follow @gro.diary.jacob.


Nick’s was one of our first Gro diaries and our very first NZ diary. After his brother had a procedure with us, Nick followed suit to correct his hair loss which he knew to run in the family. See his updates here or follow @gro.diary.nick.


Adam works at the popular publisher, The Latch. He came to us wanting to find a solution for his receding hairline and thinning crown. See his updates by following @gro.diary.adam.



One of our youngest Gro Diary clients, 23-year-old Andrew decided to do something about his hair loss early on. See Andrew's updates here or by following @gro.diary.andrew.


Another YouTuber and presenter with a large following, Matt wanted to correct his hairline and came to see the team at Gro Melbourne. See his updates here or follow @gro.diary.matt.


It's been amazing to watch Cameron's journey and the confidence he has gained, which is clearly visible as his updates progress. See his updates by following @gro.diary.cameron.


Adrian is a content creator and uses these skills when creating his updates. His hair loss gradually got worse over time - that's when he came to see Gro. See his updates here or follow @gro.diary.adrian.


A Hot Tomato 102.9 radio presenter on the Gold Coast, Christo came to us following a recommendation from one of his friends. After only a few months, the results are looking amazing. Follow his journey here or @gro.diary.christo.


One of our very own Hair Growth Specialists, Marius went ahead with the procedure after years of hair loss. Having a personal experience with Gro is invaluable for his work. See his updates here or follow @gro.diary.marius.


Phillip first noticed his hair loss at the age of 29. Find out what motivated him to choose Gro for his hair transplant and see his journey here or by following @gro.diary.phillip.


Andy first started noticing his hair loss in his 20's. Over the last few years it accelerated and started to bother him more as he noticed his hairline receding. See Andy's updates by following @gro.diary.andy.

*Results vary from client to client and every case is different. Gro Diaries give an indication of what to expect and do not reflect the exact same stages or results for everyone. For more information on details specific to you and your hair loss we recommend having a consultation with one of our hair growth specialists. 

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